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One lump or two: A tea survey

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a tea addict. Most nights after tea I can be found watching a movie, writing, or reading with a huge pot of tea sitting next to me. I’m starting to wondering what and how other people enjoy their tea.

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Music for the Moods

It's been a while since any one posted any music over here, so here are a couple of songs I've been listening to recently...


Of Introductions and Heirlooms

My name is Alexis, but I’d prefer if you call me Lulu. I’m young (still in high school...*ducks head in shame*) but, I’ve always been an old soul at heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always really loved old world elegance and tried to capture that spirit in my hobbies and the way I present myself, but I never had a name for the way I was until I found this community.

I enjoy sewing, photography, studying history and I’ve always had a bit of an odd fascination with insects (I love photographing them!) .In terms of fashion, I dress in Morigirl style; I really adore the simplicity and focus on handmade items. But, I’ll always have a soft spot for the more eccentric Lolita fashion. (you girls are my heroes!)

 Now that introductions are over, I thought I'd share some stories and pictures about some heirlooms. I think there a rather interesting part of a families history and a wonderful thing for a follower of the Quantrelle lifestyle to have.  

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guide to strawberry crepes

After my adventure with macarons I gave a try at crepes and found them rather easy. So I decide to post a set-by-set guide, because they were very easy and simply yummy.

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Watch Pins?

Apologies if this is too off topic, but I need help finding a jewelry item and hoped you lovely ladies might be able to help.

I've decided I'd like to get myself a pretty pin watch, like the kind nurses used to wear. (Small pin with a dangling watch pendant, to be worn on chest/pocket.) I've looked on ebay and Etsy and as well as in stores, but haven't had any real luck. Do any of you know a place where something like this could be found, preferably not too expensive? Or whether people sell little watch pendants, which I could possibly turn into a pin on my own? (I've seen pocket watch pendants available on Etsy, but they're a bit larger than what I was looking for.)

Thanks in advance for your help. ^^

I may have written about this before, but I collect LE Smith Mt. Pleasant in black -- which was their most popular color, and haunts many antique malls. I like black frilly stuff, so I just about died when I encountered my first piece. It's so BEAUTIFUL, and unlike any of the clunky black stoneware dishes out in modern production.

Some of you may have seen pieces of Hazel Atlas Crinoline, which is obviously a Flickr favorite, and has even inspired Re-ment replicas.

But in my idle browsing tonight, I chanced upon another cutesy pattern: Cherry & Cable, which somehow puts me in mind of the more precious sweet lolita dresses, so I had to share it with you all. (Particularly pieces like this pitcher or this jar, which is amazing.)

I'm personally coveting the black/amethyst carnival butter dish, which may be the single most awe-inspiring butter dish I've ever seen. And there's a miniature version!

Macaron Adventures

I've been failing at making a perfect macaron for years, and took a class last week on them which seems to have lifted the veil!

I made a batch of raspberry flavor, vanilla flavor, and my all time favorite rose flavor! It was so exciting to finally get a perfectly round, soft yummy macaron at last! I hope to be able to make some violet ones next maybe? My tips for success are...
1: Wait! Definitely leave the whites out at room temp for the 3 days recommended, and let the macarons rest for the full 15 mins before baking them, and wait till the next day to eat them. I could never cope with all that waiting before but it really pays off!
2: to get multiple flavors from one batch, make a classic french butter cream to fill them, separate it into as many containers as you want flavors and flavor and dye each batch separately.
3: Remember art school! If doing say 3 flavors, pipe the first set plain white, the second add a little pink dye before adding to the piping bag, the second a little blue or yellow to make lilac or orange colors. You'll be able to get so many combos from one batch and really make a splash when you serve so many varieties for the same work as one!


Quaintrelle Problems

First World Quaintrelle Problems. So today I was out on my deck lighting a fire ready for an exciting dinner tonight when... I caught a scary looking bug out of the corner of my settled on my bosom. I squealed and smacked at it rather hard to get it off only to find it was the velvet patch I had stuck there this morning when I got dressed ( I guess they really were called mouch/flys for a reason!)

Any one else have any amusing (or boring) anecdotes as a result of living quaintrelle?


Theme is back, though late this month (I've been out of town) so here it is...

Let's see your quaintrelle vanity! Getting dressed is part of the ritual of a quaintrelle life, let's see the pretty nooks you've created for getting ready in style!
Also, check over at [info]my_quaintrelle  this months style theme over there is 20's. Incorporate the style from the 1720's, 1820's, 1920's and show us what you've got over at [info]my_quaintrelle !)