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Of Introductions and Heirlooms

My name is Alexis, but I’d prefer if you call me Lulu. I’m young (still in high school...*ducks head in shame*) but, I’ve always been an old soul at heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always really loved old world elegance and tried to capture that spirit in my hobbies and the way I present myself, but I never had a name for the way I was until I found this community.

I enjoy sewing, photography, studying history and I’ve always had a bit of an odd fascination with insects (I love photographing them!) .In terms of fashion, I dress in Morigirl style; I really adore the simplicity and focus on handmade items. But, I’ll always have a soft spot for the more eccentric Lolita fashion. (you girls are my heroes!)

 Now that introductions are over, I thought I'd share some stories and pictures about some heirlooms. I think there a rather interesting part of a families history and a wonderful thing for a follower of the Quantrelle lifestyle to have.  

This is my Grandfather’s camera. It was given to him as a birthday present when he was a young man (sadly, he can't remember exactly when). Even though it no longer works, I still think it's a very interesting little device.


This is an ivory necklace given to me by my Great Grandmother. I’m not exactly sure who the woman carved in the ivory is, but my Great Grandma said it was most likely a figure from Greek mythology. 

 These binoculars were given to me by my Great Grandmother, she said that they are made of pearl and gold. I think their very beautiful and I’m very happy to have been trusted with them. According to the text as the bottom, they were made in Paris for operas and ballets.

-and last but not least, is a tea set. It was given to me my Mother. It’s a children’s tea set made with real bone china. The cups are very thin so I’m terrified of using them, but their nice to have around. I tried searching for the company that made them and it turns out that they went out of business a quite a few years ago. So, I’m very lucky to have this set.


If you have any stories or photos of heirlooms you have, please leave a comment! I love hearing about family treasures. c:
Thank you for looking. I hope to share more with this community soon

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