Miss Carrion (evel_epic216) wrote in vie_quaintrelle,
Miss Carrion

Advice for a Quaintrelle 21st

Hi Lovelies,

I am having my 21st birthday party next year in April (I am in New Zealand simply for reference) and I was wondering whether anyone would have advice for how to organise it. My family isn't the most receptive to interesting styles or ideas, and so while I want to have everyone dressed in the style, I don't know whether they will. That goes for my friends too - a lot of them will probably still turn up in slinky (and not to be rude about my friends, but slutty) dresses and things. Any ideas on what to do about that? My sister, bless her, said that I should just state on the invite that if they don't follow dress code that they will be turned away. And whilst that idea has certain benefits, I don't want to upset anyone by doing it. The idea that I had is to say that women need to dress in formal-wear, in pastel shades (I LOVE pastels at the moment), because that way they have some flexibility. (For say, my grandmother, because I don't think she would really be into dressing completely in the style.  I will definitely be including pictures and a link to Quaintrelle Style, so they can get an appreciation for the ideas and values first!
Also, what should I state is the dress-code for my male guests? I was thinking that I would just say suits and tophats and canes etc, for ease of explanation, but is there anything better?
I have decided upon some of the foods I want too - Apricot gelato and Strawberry Gelato, and Apricot and Strawberry macaroons, and roulade in the same flavours. Does anyone have any good ideas for food that isn't desert?

Any advice at all would be wonderful!

I am back off to search for venues - apparently there aren't any traditional dance halls where I am...
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