Vivien Hoffpauir (vivcore) wrote in vie_quaintrelle,
Vivien Hoffpauir

Two Become One!

Ok Let's give this thing a try! We're condensing the two communities into one over at my_quaintrelle  (most members) We have the same tags plus some extra. I'm locking down this community from new posts, so please if you haven't already signed up over there, sign up and post post post! Feel free to post new introductions if you would like too so we can all get to know each other all over again!

The content here will still be available if there is an old post you loved and still wanted to read, but all new content will be over on my_quaintrelle . Let's make it  an exciting place to visit! The community has always been a positive one, so please don't be afraid to post, and support those that do with your comments!!!
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