January 30th, 2010

Spring I see all

Thing have been slow..

Things have been slow in this community since it was changed from Lifestyle_Lolita to via_quaintrella. I have no problem with that and I think it was a great idea sense Lolita does seem to be such a narrow concept to define what this community is all about,but lately I have been noticing that all this community has had much to offer like it used to
I would like to get this community going again except now that we are no longer strictly a lolita community our topics and branch out so much more. I think we need to start the whole theme of the month type thing again.

I hope I don't seem to forward,but I would like to start up the theme of the month again. This community could be so much bigger and greater now that we are no longer just limited to Lolita subjects.

What do you guys think?

I would also like vivcore's permission before I go on and do this.
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