March 12th, 2010

Love tea

Teacup came!!

My Royal Collection tea cup came in the mail at last!!!! It's so much more lovely in real life.

The designs are based on molding Edward VII commissioned for Buckingham palace representing the arts. One thing the shop images and description missed out is that it has a pattern in pearl color glaze that makes the white surface look like the guilloché enamel by Faberge that was also added to the royal collection during Edward VII's reign. It's a really unusual effect and it's more a pearl color than the ultra shiny rainbow colored glaze you see in old lusterware
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So that is pretty much my excitement for the day! I saw they added a tea set with the china pattern Queen Victoria bought at the great exhibition in 1851 to go with the new Victoria & Albert: Art & Love exhibition, it's really quite sweet.

Fabric dreams!

Last night, I had a dream about soutache!

(I was looking at a lot of Civil War era stuff before bed.)

I thought of this community... has anyone else had random fabric dreams? XD