March 14th, 2010

15 - macoto's snow white

My decoden

This is my first real post here, and I actually made my intro at my_quaintrelle. Some things have changed since, such as not going back to college, and going back to translating instead.

Anyway, I finally took the time to try out decoden. I'm not a fan of too over-the-top decorations, and I haven't been in the mood for sweets deco for a few months, so I tried something more simple and with a princessy feel.

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Thank you for taking the time to look!
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Miss G and me

Dreamy home... trying to think of how!


I'm not very frilly when it comes to my flat at the moment, I moved to Sweden last year and moved in with the better half, but we're not in the largest flat ever, and the flat itself is very... minimalistic.

I don't really want to spend so much time making it so different as we do want to move in the next 2 years to a house, but I don't know I miss a lot of the little finishing touches I had in my flat in the UK, even if that wasn't really that frilly either.  Any idea's on how I could maybe add a little glitz to something so stark without it looking out of place?

So this isn't just text, here are some pictures :)

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So yeah, any idea's on how to make my little place in the world would be greately appreciated (Moderators, if this isn't frillyenough or appropriate I understand if you delete it :))