March 31st, 2010

March Theme: Transform a Lofty Space!

   Hi all!  Not sure if I've ever actually posted here.  I've been a member for a long time and replied to posts in the past.  Anyhoo, thought I would participate in this month's theme...on the last day of March!  Recently I moved from a condo by the beach in California to a log cabin in the Pacific Northwest.  I know, big change!  I love my cabin!  It's a very typical log cabin with a big room downstairs and a loft upstairs.  My husband and I have our bedroom in the big part of the loft, but we also have these side loft spaces with built in shelves.  I decided to take over one side (my husband uses the other side as an office and right now he's growing tomato seedlings up there!).
Loft before:

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