April 8th, 2010

Mini Me!


This months theme is flowers! Decorating with flowers, growing flowers even cooking with flowers! Let's celebrate the new growing season Quaintrelle style! We are also having a floral wardrobe challenge over at my_quaintrelle so break out your pretty flowers over there this month too!
Miss G and me

Theme Post: Flowers for my flat

I hope this is okay :)

Thought I'd share these, I have to admit I love flowers but I'm terrible with them. Utterly rubbish infact, so I got out some left over ribbon and made these spring flowers, to brighten the place up a little.  I used some feathers as well as there seems to be some thing about feathers and twigs over here for easter (mmmhmmm check out the detective work there).


I'm going to attempt to flower up my fingernails as well - so I'll show you how that goes :)