April 11th, 2010

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Candy Violet(s)!

Since my yard was overrun with violets, I decided I'd post a quickie tutorial on making candied violets, as well as some links to other violet recipes!

What to do with candied violets? I think they're divine on vanilla ice cream. They also make a sweet addition to biscuits and other desserts.

If you've never eaten a violet and are curious what they taste like, let me first say--they taste like a flower There's just no gettin' around it. However, they do taste like a particular kind of flower. There's a bit of a grape candy taste hidden in them--this might be a bit imagined, due to the color, but I detect it in the smell, as well.

So, on to the photos and instructions!
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Interested in doing more than candying?
Violet Jelly
Violet Syrup
Violet Creams
Violet Tea
Or, they're wonderful in just about any sort of salad!
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