August 2nd, 2010


Monster High

Posted this on my journal thought maybe some of you might be interested in them. Let me know what you think.

Okay, I admit I have not grown up nor will I ever. I still like
dolls well fashion dolls anyways. (I tend to be afraid of baby and porcelain dolls.) I think Barbie is still quite spiffy and still have a fondness for the old gal. Now mind you I'm too old to really play with dolls, but I think collecting them can be fun.

Anyways now to announce probably one of the only good things that have come from this crazy Twilight fad and that is Mattel has decided to release a monster theme doll line because you know werewolves and vampires are now trendy. -_- (-cough- I liked that stuff before it was cool.)

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The undead are totally quaintrelle!

Continuing the theme of spooky dolls -- Monster High being possibly the greatest thing to happen in my life and the culmination of my collecting hobbies -- I thought I'd share this with the community:

The other day I was searching Flickr for "quaintrelle" and came across this...

Catrina / Quaintrelle*

Kind of random, but it made me grin.