February 19th, 2011

Mini Me!
  • vivcore

Revive the Community?

Hi guys I've been pondering the state of the 2 quaintrelle communities for a while, I had originally hoped that we could create an active and positive space for people to come together from different anachronistic groups, and share ideas and tips with each other, and build a strong sense of community. But the participation has been low, and so i think a lot of people myself included just stopped using them.

I'd like to bring them back from the brink but it has to be something we all as a community have to work at together by posting, commenting and promoting the community.

One question I had is right now there are 2 communities, my_quaintrelle  for style, and vie_quaintrelle  for lifestyle. Would people be more interested in having just the one community covering both aspects? By using tags it would be quite easy to get to the posts people most care about on either side?

If we were to combine the comms I would probably put everything under my_quaintrelle as it has the most users, and some people have already been posting the odd lifestyle tip over there.

Would this be something you guys would like? And would everyone be able to commit to making new posts and commenting to help make the community/s an active and inviting place that can self sustain?