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Two Become One!

Ok Let's give this thing a try! We're condensing the two communities into one over at my_quaintrelle  (most members) We have the same tags plus some extra. I'm locking down this community from new posts, so please if you haven't already signed up over there, sign up and post post post! Feel free to post new introductions if you would like too so we can all get to know each other all over again!

The content here will still be available if there is an old post you loved and still wanted to read, but all new content will be over on my_quaintrelle . Let's make it  an exciting place to visit! The community has always been a positive one, so please don't be afraid to post, and support those that do with your comments!!!
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Revive the Community?

Hi guys I've been pondering the state of the 2 quaintrelle communities for a while, I had originally hoped that we could create an active and positive space for people to come together from different anachronistic groups, and share ideas and tips with each other, and build a strong sense of community. But the participation has been low, and so i think a lot of people myself included just stopped using them.

I'd like to bring them back from the brink but it has to be something we all as a community have to work at together by posting, commenting and promoting the community.

One question I had is right now there are 2 communities, my_quaintrelle  for style, and vie_quaintrelle  for lifestyle. Would people be more interested in having just the one community covering both aspects? By using tags it would be quite easy to get to the posts people most care about on either side?

If we were to combine the comms I would probably put everything under my_quaintrelle as it has the most users, and some people have already been posting the odd lifestyle tip over there.

Would this be something you guys would like? And would everyone be able to commit to making new posts and commenting to help make the community/s an active and inviting place that can self sustain?

e-quilter end of year sale

Hello all-

Equilter is having it's end of year sale (50% off right now, prices will dip to 70% off later). They have a lot of nice cottons, for clothing if you don't quilt, & there are some quaintrelle-style fabrics in the sales (keep checking back, they add in fabrics as others sell out). Just thought I'd let people know-now might be a good time to look for fabrics for spring dresses. I ordered some pastel floral prints & keep being tempted by their 18th c style damask patterned fabrics.

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Advice for a Quaintrelle 21st

Hi Lovelies,

I am having my 21st birthday party next year in April (I am in New Zealand simply for reference) and I was wondering whether anyone would have advice for how to organise it. My family isn't the most receptive to interesting styles or ideas, and so while I want to have everyone dressed in the style, I don't know whether they will. That goes for my friends too - a lot of them will probably still turn up in slinky (and not to be rude about my friends, but slutty) dresses and things. Any ideas on what to do about that? My sister, bless her, said that I should just state on the invite that if they don't follow dress code that they will be turned away. And whilst that idea has certain benefits, I don't want to upset anyone by doing it. The idea that I had is to say that women need to dress in formal-wear, in pastel shades (I LOVE pastels at the moment), because that way they have some flexibility. (For say, my grandmother, because I don't think she would really be into dressing completely in the style.  I will definitely be including pictures and a link to Quaintrelle Style, so they can get an appreciation for the ideas and values first!
Also, what should I state is the dress-code for my male guests? I was thinking that I would just say suits and tophats and canes etc, for ease of explanation, but is there anything better?
I have decided upon some of the foods I want too - Apricot gelato and Strawberry Gelato, and Apricot and Strawberry macaroons, and roulade in the same flavours. Does anyone have any good ideas for food that isn't desert?

Any advice at all would be wonderful!

I am back off to search for venues - apparently there aren't any traditional dance halls where I am...

equilter sale

Hello all,

EQuilter- is having a 45% off sale this week on "blenders"-the first cotton fabric was pastel pink, with the names of all sorts of teas written on it in calligraphy. They do different sales each week & a big end of year sale. They get some Japanese import cottons that sound very cute. It's a big site, worth looking around & signing up for their weekly newsletter. One caveat, though...on their discounts, they still calculate shipping costs at the original price of the fabric. On the plus side, they do give a small percentage of each sale to a charity of your choice from their list-this includes organizations like doctors Without borders & wildlife protection.


Design Thesis Project

I am currently working on a two semester long thesis project for my Industrial Design degree.

For my thesis project I want to create a travel set of containers for tea and food that fulfills practical needs without sacrificing emotional desires.

There is a lack of objects for eating and drinking that effectively combine practicality with a rich emotional narrative.There is a community of women, the Lolita community, who particularly value emotional narratives in the objects they use. These women find their needs are not met by the objects they use for eating and drinking at social gatherings because they are either practical with no emotional narrative, or have a rich narrative but are impractical.

Right now I am focusing on containers for food. I'll be addressing containers for carrying tea and liquids next semester.

When bringing food to picnics and meetups we usually end up using cheap plastic containers. They are not attractive, but they are functional and easy to transport and it's not a big deal if you lose them. I want to create an alternative that is more beautiful and fits into the context of a Lolita meetup.

The main material I have been researching is paper. Paper pulp can be cast in a mold and can be made waterproof with the addition of resins and waxes. It has a much more attractive texture and feel than plastics, but like plastics it is light and cheap to produce. Paper pulp is the basis of many biodegradable and sustainable products.

The main quality that makes plastic superior to paper for carrying food is that it can be washed and used again. I will attempt to mitigate this factor through paper liners and such, but paper containers will essentially be single-use if used for anything wetter or messier than cookies.

My question for you is: would you be interested in using containers that are temporary and disposable to bring food like cookies or cupcakes to a picnic or meetup if they were beautiful?
If not, what would you prefer?

Project Blog:
This blog includes my research and updates about my project.

Image Research:
My Tumblr mostly includes pictures of existing products, modern and historical, related to my project.

If anyone has any thoughts on the project I would love to hear them. :)

Of Introductions and Heirlooms

My name is Alexis, but I’d prefer if you call me Lulu. I’m young (still in high school...*ducks head in shame*) but, I’ve always been an old soul at heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always really loved old world elegance and tried to capture that spirit in my hobbies and the way I present myself, but I never had a name for the way I was until I found this community.

I enjoy sewing, photography, studying history and I’ve always had a bit of an odd fascination with insects (I love photographing them!) .In terms of fashion, I dress in Morigirl style; I really adore the simplicity and focus on handmade items. But, I’ll always have a soft spot for the more eccentric Lolita fashion. (you girls are my heroes!)

 Now that introductions are over, I thought I'd share some stories and pictures about some heirlooms. I think there a rather interesting part of a families history and a wonderful thing for a follower of the Quantrelle lifestyle to have.  

Collapse )

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Watch Pins?

Apologies if this is too off topic, but I need help finding a jewelry item and hoped you lovely ladies might be able to help.

I've decided I'd like to get myself a pretty pin watch, like the kind nurses used to wear. (Small pin with a dangling watch pendant, to be worn on chest/pocket.) I've looked on ebay and Etsy and as well as in stores, but haven't had any real luck. Do any of you know a place where something like this could be found, preferably not too expensive? Or whether people sell little watch pendants, which I could possibly turn into a pin on my own? (I've seen pocket watch pendants available on Etsy, but they're a bit larger than what I was looking for.)

Thanks in advance for your help. ^^

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