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vie_quaintrelle's Journal

For a Frilly Way of Life
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A community for those who love to live the quaintrelle lifestyle

☆Welcome to Vie Quaintrelle! ☆

This is a community for those who enjoy a quaintrelle way of life.

Here is a place where we can craft together, and share tips on decorating, taste, parties and the little things you do that are so Quaintrelle!

Also since meet ups are a big part of the community, I encourage every one to share their meet up photos and stories, and to let us know if there is a meet up or event in your area!

Use the Community Tags on your posts!

This will help people new and old find the posts they want to read right away, and hopefully turn this community into a great resource for any one interested in the Quaintrelle Lifestyle!

Day In The Life

Take photos and tell us a bit about what you did quaintrelle today?

(Because this is about Quaintrelle lifestyle and activities, Please No "does this co-ordinate work?" questions, Absolutely NO CRITISISM OF OUTFITS IN PHOTOS, also please no posts of just the clothes, we want to hear about what you were enjoying whilst wearing your clothes! Check out my_quaintrelle for daily style posts)
Tips and Tricks on creating a lolita room/house/apartment,etc
Any snippets of etiquette, old, New or Lolita specific.
Fancy work

Talk about your fancy work craft projects!

(Not for dress sewing see sew_loli or dressdiaries)

Historical resources you have found that can relate to the Quaintrelle lifestyle
Tips on hosting meet ups, parties, get togethers and events.
Tell every one a little bit about yourself!
Living With Style
Quaintrelle fashion isn't always the most practical style, share your tips on how to fit the fashion into your life with ease!
Meet ups
Planning a meet up? Talking about a meet up? Share your plans and stories.
Quaintrelle music you want to share!
Any good books we should see!?
Lolitas love cakes! Share your favorite recipes!
Share any interesting tea, tea paraphernalia, etc.
Entries that fit with the monthly theme.
Want to teach us how to make a favorite craft/decorating etc project?

Quaintrell Style:

Quaintrelle style follows the "quaint" aesthetic. It is unusual or fanciful, with a sense of old-fashioned charm and prettiness. A quaintrelle takes elements from old fashioned costume and life from around the 18th century to the early 20th century and mixes it into her modern life. Elegant, frivolous, and intricate.

Community Rules

Be polite and courteous to other users

Please put images over 400x400 and any images after the first under a cut

No Sales posts

Please do not advertise other communities without mod approval.

(Mods may remove posts that are deemed inappropriate)


Want to show of your Quaintrelle style!? Then visit our sister community my_quaintrelle !!

Link to this community and help keep it active and alive! You can even download one of our banners to use!